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Our Team

Our Founder, Kathy Karneth, embodies extensive expertise from Fortune 100 Business and HR consulting, paired with a tech-savvy perspective. She’s a passionate change-maker, always ready to challenge systems that no longer serve us. Our Advisory Council comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds and competencies, each contributing unique skills to help grow and advocate for a trustworthy and authentic sangha.

Sangha Healing Founder, Kathy Karneth. A white woman with brown hair, wearing a white shirt

Kathy Karneth, Founder, MBA

Hi, I’m Kathy Karneth, and with humility and gratitude, I’m thrilled to share my journey with you. It all began with simple yoga sessions in my living room, finding solace and strength in each stretch alongside “Lilias, Yoga and You.”  Those moments became a sanctuary for my teenage soul, sparking a realization of the profound impact of wellness practices on our lives.

As I journeyed into adulthood, my love for Mother Earth led me to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. It wasn’t without its challenges, but with the support of a vibrant community, I discovered newfound vitality and well-being.

At 43, my world was shaken by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Seeking answers, I turned to conventional medicine, only to find a system that felt disconnected from my holistic needs. Disheartened, I explored complementary healing methods, navigating through uncertainties until I found the compassionate healers who became pillars of my wellness journey.

A transformative pilgrimage to India, amidst the grandeur of the Kumbha Mela, opened my heart to boundless love and hope. Guided by wise gurus and inspired by their teachings, I embarked on a path of self-discovery and healing.

With a second diagnosis of breast cancer, I chose to trust in the wisdom of self-healing, surrounded by an incredible community of support. Their unwavering encouragement reaffirmed my belief in the resilience of the human spirit.

Then, the world faced a new challenge with the onset of COVID-19, disrupting access to the healing spaces and practitioners I cherished. In those moments of longing, surrounded by loved ones in my backyard, the vision for Sangha Healing was born—a sanctuary for seekers of healing, a platform for healers to share their gifts, and a nurturing community fostering transformation and growth.

So, in 2023, Sangha Healing was born—a haven where healing journeys intertwine, where healers’ gifts are celebrated, and where the power of community ignites profound transformation.

Welcome to Sangha Healing—where healing is not just a destination but a heartfelt journey we embark on together.

Namaste Kathy
Advisory Council Member, Robin Afinowich. A white woman with curly red hair, wearing glasses and a blue shirt and white jacket

Robin Afinowich, MS

Robin is a holistic practitioner who offers a dynamic, personalized, and integrative approach to therapy and wellness. She is known for blending the science and soul of healing through both clinical foundation, energy healing practices, and a strong intuitive vision. Her work integrates Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Somatic and Eco-Psychology, Scandinavian Shamanic healing practices and she is a master-level yoga teacher/teacher trainer. She specializes in somatic interventions for trauma resolution. Sessions often involve a mix of talk therapy/coaching, body-based healing, and energy work, experiential modalities such as art therapy, nature therapy, and Jungian archetypal work.

Robin is a well-versed national public speaker, educator, workshop facilitator, and published author featured in University, corporate, non-profit, government, local school district, and online forums. Her voice is an eclectic expression of her expertise in Mind-Body Psychology, holistic wellness, Trauma-Informed & Healing-Centered Care, victim advocacy, community resiliency, environmental activism, and conscious leadership. Robin has created an integrative Trauma Healing programs to serve victims of crime, families in crisis, veterans, and cancer patients. Robin provides organizations with the best integrative practices and strategies for maintaining healthy individuals in safe, equitable, productive, and sustainable workplaces.

Robin draws her inspiration from the intelligence and grace of nature, the humble wisdom of her children, and the lessons pulled from a beautifully messy life of diverse experiences. She is dedicated to helping people grow; meet their optimal potential and live a life of meaning and sustainable wholeness.

Advisory Council Member, Jason Luk. An Asian man with brown hair, wearing an orange shirt

Jason Luk

Jason is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator thru UCLA and a Wellness Coach thru Catalyst Coaching Institute. Jason founded the Mindfulness program at Yahoo and serves as its Global Lead. He has a heartfelt interest in experiential design that enhances interpersonal connection and joy. His programs encompass webinars, workshops, offsites, and retreats for more than 2,000 corporate employees.

Jason is also a coach, catalyst, and collaborator for high-performing individuals who seek to overcome plateaus in certain areas of their life. Whether it be healthy eating, exercise, sleep or stress management, Jason helps clients grow into their full potential to lead fulfilling lives.

Jason has worked over twenty years in digital advertising beginning his career on the agency side and is now on the publisher side at Yahoo. His strengths include growing enterprise client relationships, campaign management, and deepening team dynamics. After rising from burnout himself, Jason is passionate about helping others create balance integration and thrive in their work and personal lives with the power of mindfulness. Jason facilitates meditation sessions that are open to the public twice a week.

Jason lives in Vancouver, Washington with his partner and their greyhound rescue. He enjoys mindful dog walking and continuing to strengthen his 13 years of practice as a CrossFit Athlete. In his additional time, you’ll find Jason reading poetry, exploring new Asian food hot spots, and supporting the Joyful Liberation Collective, a non-profit working at the intersectionality of mindfulness and social justice. Jason’s favorite color is orange which brings him joy and he believes it to be the color of possibility.

Advisory Council Member, Monica Brown. A white woman with light brown long hair, wearing a black shirt

Monica Brown

Monica is a grounded healer and coach with vast experience helping individuals create change in their lives. Tracing her roots back to an impressive career in law enforcement, Monica’s years as a Police Detective have honed her ability to attune deeply to others’ experiences, offering a compassionate presence during life’s most challenging moments.

Beyond her investigative acumen, Monica has an enduring commitment to healing. Dedicated to guiding individuals along their paths of change, Monica has become an anchor for those seeking to steer their lives in inspiring new directions.

Monica’s holistic approach marries her acute intuition with actionable strategies, marking a path for personal and professional evolution. Her specialties span from Visionary Coaching to La Ho Chi Energy Healing to restorative meditation practices—each a thread in the broader tapestry of her methodology. It’s Monica’s Moon Goddess Water, however, that encapsulates her alchemic touch—a confluence of insight and sustenance, spurring profound personal shifts.

Expanding her reach beyond the intimate setting of one-on-one interactions, Monica dedicates herself to teaching, writing, and leading workshops and retreats. She shares her wisdom widely and contributes significantly to community growth and inspires individuals to pursue harmony and fulfillment.

Advisory Council member, Satyam Patel. A man with dark hair and eyes and a pink shirt.

Satyam Patel

Satyam’s early background is richly woven with experiences immersed in the power of sound and spirituality. From a tender age, his engagement in singing, chanting, and spiritual family gatherings laid the foundation for his profound understanding of life’s deeper meanings and the transformative capabilities of sound. This early immersion kindled a deep-seated connection to the intrinsic vibrations of the universe.

As Satyam pursued his artistic endeavors in music and teaching, his empathic nature allowed him to sense his students’ energetic imbalances. Through this insight, he unearthed the healing potential of voice work, guiding individuals towards harmonizing their vocal frequencies, resulting in positive emotional and energetic shifts.

Delving deeper into the realm of sound healing, Satyam discovered the potential of utilizing singing bowls and toning as vibrational medicine, bolstering the body’s natural healing processes. Through the integration of voice work, sound therapy, breathwork, and relaxation techniques, his unique methodology effectively dismantles restrictive beliefs, opening pathways to profound healing encounters and personal evolution.

Satyam stands as a beacon of light and healing, facilitating profound shifts through the sacred power of sound and spirituality. His impact is marked by his kindness, love, and dedication to fostering a safe environment for self-empowerment. He has an innate ability to connect deeply with people, guiding, and inspiring them to self-acceptance. Through his dedication, Satyam continues to inspire and uplift, making a lasting difference in the lives of those he touches.


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